Message Spy Remover (Anti Spy)

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Description of Message Spy Remover (Anti Spy)

Are you worried that someone may be Spying on your Messages?
Then you should install this App.
Make sure that your boy/girl-friend, spouse, boss or parents are not Reading your Texts!
There may be Apps planted on your Device that have the capability to Read and Copy your Messages, and send them via Internet to an Unknown Receiver. Without your knowledge or consent!
This App will protect you from being spied on in this way, by Detecting all attempts to Spy on your Text Messages.
Nothing could be simpler.
A Status Notification will show when "Message Spy Remover" is Enabled.
- Enable or Disable "Message Spy Remover"
- Detection of Apps that Read and Copy your Text Messages
- Optional Whitelisting of Apps
- Optional Uninstallation of Apps
- Optional Audio- and/or Visual Warnings
- A Simple Log will show you all Detected Spying Attempts
- Selectable Time Interval for Periodic Spy Checking
- Optional Text Notification at Spy Checking Intervals
- Notification when "Message Spy Remover" is Enabled
- Works in the Background - even when the Phone "sleeps" (i.e when the Screen is closed)
- Starts Automatically at Power-On
This Unique App seems to be One Of A Kind.
We have not found any other App with the same capabilities.
Please note that - in order to save the battery - this App checks for Spying Attempts at the fixed Intervals selected by you, e.g. once per minute, once per 10 minutes, etc. A shorter Period increases the likelihood of detecting a Spy App, but the Battery Consumption may increase slightly. So you should find your own compromise between Detection Probability and Battery Consumption.
You may optionally verify that the Periodic Spy Checking is working, by enabling a Text Notification each time a Check is done.
Please note that this App may also detect some of your own Apps which handle your Text Messages. Most of them are (of course) NOT Spy Apps - but normal Android Apps - so that you should Whitelist them.
you have a question, please check the FAQs section of the App (found on the Setting page).
If you like this App, PLEASE give it a Rating. If you have a problem, send an email to before you consider posting a low Rating. Many problems seem to be caused by simple misunderstandings.

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APK Version 2.3.0
Compatibility Android 4.0.1+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)
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